Painting Services Reservoir

Galaxy PaintingPainting Services Reservoir is what we do and this is what we good at. We have years of experience in providing successful residential, commercial and industrial painting services in Melbourne and in all other suburbs including Reservoir. These experiences enable us to prepare ourselves to provide much better high quality service, backed by confidence and skills accumulated through the years working in the industry.
To get the best possible outcome, we only use premium products. It’s needless to say that a premium product gives better quality than ordinary ones. But it’s not just good quality that premium product gives, it also prolong its good quality condition for a longer period of time and it helps protect your walls, sides and masonry from every day wear and tear.
To organise and plan everything ahead, we offer you free colour scheme consultation and quotes. We will definitely help you get the best colour schemes that will give the right appearance and atmosphere that you are looking for that meet the budget altogether.
Call us today to find out more or have us!

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