Painters Clifton Hill

Galaxy PaintingPainters Clifton Hill , our painting service is one of the top notches in Clifton Hill and in Greater Melbourne with first class painters on the job. We specialise in but not limited to residential, commercial and industrial painting service.
Our goal is to give you the best feel and appearance that you are looking for.
We pride ourselves of the work we made and thus we always give our best regardless of the size of the individual job. We only use premium products to get the best possible outcome and get a much richer quality compare when using ordinary products for the designated exterior and interior surfaces.

Free colour scheme consultation and quotes are offered to our customers. It is advisable to get that at the early stage to help you plan ahead, getting the best colour scheme combination, products, to prepare everything and keep everything in budget.

For more info, call us today. We’d like to answer any of your inquiries.

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