House Painting Glenroy

We at Galaxy PaintingHouse Painting Glenroy are here to provide you with high quality painting and decorating services with an incredibly affordable price. We specialise in residential services with experienced and friendly people that will do the job!
Get a free colour consultation and free quotes on our services, we help you get the best option for you that meet your requirements and budget altogether. We also offer 10 years written guarantee to our customers, irrespective of the size of the individual job.
For the job, we only use premium products. It’s not to make us charge you more, it’s because you can get a lot of benefits from it. We use premium products because it helps us brings out the fullest potential beauty of our work and its good quality condition lasts longer. The product that we use has components that helps protect your walls surfaces from every day wear and tear.
Find out more about our services and call us today!

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