House Painting Essendon West

Galaxy PaintingHouse Painting Essendon West, our service will give you the best experience of your lives. We specialise in providing high quality painting and decorating services with great work that meet and exceeds your expectations. Our service is the most sought by the local community that needs painting and decorating service in Essendon West.

At Galaxy, we only use premium products for designated interior and exterior surfaces. There could be many questions coming out as to why we only use premium products, the answers are easy: it helps bring out the full potential beauty of the work; it helps protect the surfaces, walls, sides and masonry because it has component that do the job; and last but not the least, the good quality condition lasts longer so you don’t need to worry about repainting the whole thing for the next following years.

We still have more to offer with our services, but with all these, we still maintain the price competitiveness! Find out more by calling us today!

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